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Papier d'Arménie

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Papier d’Arménie Incense Paper is one of the oldest room fresheners in paper form, produced in the Parisian suburb of Montrouge since 1885.
Available in three scents, these cute little booklets of scented paper strips can be used all year round to scent your home, cleanse spaces and create a gentle atmosphere of well-being.
The rose pink "Rose" booklet - With roses imported from Iran and Turkey, it builds dual fragrance conveyed by a full bodied rose, fruity as petal jam with a mellow touch.
The powder blue "Arménie" booklet - The aromas of incense and myrrh fit in well with the woody and vanilla notes. 
The sage green "Tradition" booklet - The first scent to be produced in 1885, with its sweet, vanilla and balsamic notes evocative of the Far East.
The Papier d’Arménie is used by setting light to a single strip, torn from the booklet one at a time, folded concertina style and placed on a heatproof surface.
They can also be used without burning...pop whole sheets in chest of drawers, wardrobes, books, pillowcases, anywhere you fancy and they will be perfumed with a beautiful, soft, delicate scent. 
36 Strips per booklet
Never leave lit or burning incense unattended
Keep out of reach of children