Marian (Alocasia Zebrina)

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Another one of our favourites, Marian is an absolute show stopper! Her long stems imitate zebra print, although we think she looks like leopard print too -she's a feisty one! The Alocasia plant is also known as the Elephant Ear Plant, and its easy to see why! Her beautiful large green leaves resemble the shape of those majestic animals.  She originates from the Brazilian Rainforest, where she grows at the base of much larger trees. The large leaves help her make the most of all the available sunlight and also mean that she can capture as much rain as possible. Try to mimic this environment at home...Water Marian when her top 2 inches of soil are dry, keep her out of direct sunlight and you should have a happy healthy Marian plant!
Pot Size 19cm
Plant Height approx 60cm
Toxic if ingested