Gluggle Jugs

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These irresistible Gluggle Jugs are sure to be the talking point at the dinner table! Known for their amusing 'glug glug' sound when poured, these versatile, quirky jugs can also be used as a vase, wine carafe, utensil pot or ornament and make an ideal gift that the recipient will never tire of using. 

Originally made in Staffordshire in the 1870's,  Wade Ceramics in Stoke on Trent are now the makers of this iconic British design classic.

Queen Elizabeth has a pair of bespoke Gluggle's that date back to 1958, and it is rumoured that Prince Charles still uses one to pour water into his scotch.

Available in ...Sage Green, Dove Grey, Sea Green, Rose Pink and Pure White and Black.

Now stocking Mini Gluggle Jugs too!

1.3L Capacity 

Height: Approximately 27cm

Weight: 1.4kg

Material: Earthenware Pottery

We recommend that the jugs are washed by hand. They can be occasionally put in the dishwasher, however, frequent washing in the dishwasher may affect the glaze.